Saturday, August 13, 2022 


30 lenders+ 30 loan solutions+ expertise
= succesful closings!
Scenario #1:    Borrower wanting to purchase an owner-occupied home.  Good credit and good downpayment 30% down.   However, he had challenges documenting his self-employed income using traditional means (tax returns).  Was able to qualify him on our Asset Qualifier Program, since he had close to 1 million in his bank accounts, qualifying him on high assets!  NO tax returns, NO 4506T, and NO income or employment information stated at all on loan application!  NIVA loan.   Closed succesfully and on time, with a much lower rate than a private lender!

Scenario #2:  Borrower needing to refinance two of her investment properties.   Good credit, but she had to use hard money on her mortgages when she originally purchase them and fixed them up.   First one I refinanced using only 1 yr tax returns for a good low fixed rate.   She also wanted to refinance an additional investment property that had a hard money loan.   Since Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac limits to 10 financed properties, I was able to refinance this 11th investment property using our Agency Plus program which allows up to 15 financed properties! 

Scenario #3: 
Borrower self-employed, good credit, but unable to document income on tax returns.  Purchasing primary residence, with 35% cash down.  Qualified her on our stated income/Alt Doc loan solution with NO taxes, NO 4506T with a low rate 4.50% on a 7yr ARM

This is just a very small sample of some recent successful loan closings, using out-of-the box loan solutions!

With access to over 30 lenders and over 30+ loan solutions for every residential loan scenario-  which includes conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, Jumbo, 1st and 2nd combo, self employed stated income, bank statement programs, investor programs, asset qualifier programs, Alt Doc programs, hard money etc (just to name a few)- I have both the resources and a proven track record to get your buyers closed successfully where other lenders can't!

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Tom Hodges