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5 Reasons Brokers are better than banks

Having trouble getting your mortgage done with your current lender?

Self-employed and having issues documenting your income?

Consider your source

I'm here to help!
  1. Solution oriented vs transaction oriented Qualified Home Loans (QHL), a full service brokerage with access to over 30 lenders, looks at finding the very best loan solutions to meet your needs and goals, including thinking outside the box.  I will look at every possible angle and option to find ways to say “yes”!   A bank will often decline an otherwise good borrower, if it isn’t an easy straightforward transaction for them.

  2. One Stop Shop vs you shopping all over the place  I have access to many lenders and a full spectrum of loan programs that banks don’t have access to, including alternative documentation loans, and stated income programs in addition to all the standard “vanilla” loans that the banks have.   I can shop your loan around for you to my multiple lending sources to find you the most competitive pricing and just as important, the lender and program that will get your loan done.  This saves you both time and money.  Most of the time, rates and pricing will be as good, or even better than the big banks, with the added benefit of a personal mortgage consultant working hard on your behalf!
  3. Match-making service vs a bad date  I provide essentially a match-making service similar to a dating service, where I help find the perfect match for you as far as the lender, the program and structuring your loan to where the lender I send you to will fall in love with you!   A lot of thought, research is put upfront to ensure a smooth and successful loan close for you.
  4. Personal relationship vs just being a numberAt QHL, I take a genuine, real personal interest in my clients and will bend over backwards to provide you a good positive loan experience.    I think long term and really care about my clients. I’ve been around awhile, because I have a very high percentage of my business coming from word of mouth- repeat clients and referrals-and I really DO care about YOU!
  5. Licensed professionals vs an order-taker Brokers are required to go through rigorous testing and continuing education by state and federal agencies, to be federally licensed with NMLS (National Mortgage Licensing System).  This ensures that they are well-educated on all current regulations and requirements, provides transparency to consumers and accountability.  The loan guy at the big banks aren’t required to have this same federal licensing and accountability.  Because of this, I am truly QUALIFIED to help you QUALIFY for your mortgage needs.
Two out of three of the loans my office closed in the last 4 months are loans that were told "no" previously or had trouble mid-escrow and needed us to help close.  We offer the expertise and programs to find ways to close loans that other lenders and other brokers reject.  

Not all brokers are equal.  Having access to great loan programs is important, but equally as important is having a loan officer who has the expertise to know how to customize the very best loan solution and lender to get your loan done for you!  I have the proven track record and resources to get your loan done, even if you've been turned down by multiple other lenders and brokers!

Call me today, Tom Hodges,  at Qualified Home Loans for a free home loan consultation (949) 528-3988.  I’ll QUALIFY you, because I’m QUALIFIED to help!

I’m here to help!

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